Contaminating the self

Self-worth is contaminated when we try to define it by the way we think others perceive us.Whether their perception is correct or not is irrelevant.The fact that their perception has more sway over our self-worth than our perception of ourselves is what determines the difference between a healthy self esteem, and an unhealthy one.Many struggle [...]

Choose better

We choose what we take from life.Understanding those choices is therefore key to finding peace, or joy.Our choices, even though sometimes painful, are always based on good intentions in that moment of choosing.But, when that good intention is driven by a need to establish our significance rather than connect with the value that we want [...]

Don’t look the other way

Those who oppress others are often the first to draw attention to the weakness or inadequacy of those that they oppress.They do this to pacify their conscience so that they can avoid the guilt of treating others poorly.The reason why judgement works well in such cases, for both the abuser and the abused, is because [...]

Enabling our oppressors

We only give others permission to disrespect us when we disrespect ourselves first.Disrespect of the self takes many shapes and forms including compromising our values for personal gain, accepting abuse from fear of abandonment, restraining our contribution from fear of rejection, and more.When treating ourselves with disrespect becomes the norm, accepting disrespect becomes the theme [...]

Know your place

The value of knowing your place is underrated.So many impose themselves in the hope of acceptance, only to question the sincerity of the company they keep when they eventually earn that acceptance.Sometimes, we only discover our place after having invested in relationships that were never intent on embracing us the way we embraced them.Sometimes, those [...]