Honourable destruction

When honour is confused with social standing, abuse becomes an acceptable form of saving face.Beyond considerations of family honour, this toxic cultural practice convinces the individual that infidelity becomes excusable because divorce is deplorable.It convinces the brute of the justification of their rage when their partner rejects dehumanising practices by their in-laws.It replaces ideals of [...]

But is it abuse?

If the widespread belief that silent treatment is emotional abuse is to be accepted, then we must also consider the form of abuse that its counter behaviour imposes.Silent treatment is not an assault on the senses and it doesn't demand a response. The impact on the recipient of silent treatment is therefore dependent on what [...]

Dehumanising struggling humans

Trigger warning ⚠As destructive as narcissistic behaviour is, it is not the entirety of any person's being.Narcissism is a result of intense insecurity about the self.To compensate for this insecurity, the one who is insecure about their worth to others will always focus on hiding their shame, rather than admitting their vulnerability. That's why they're [...]