Coming Soon: Launch of Life Coaching Practice

I walked away from a seven figure salary to pursue this dream of mine. The people around me thought I was crazy, and many still do, but I know what I’m passionate about. That is, empowering people to rise above the constraints of their upbringing! In a nutshell, that is my calling in life. To inspire and guide others towards embracing the enormous potential that they have within them.

“If Ignorance is Bliss, ‘Tis Folly to be Wise.”

A detached, uninterested look is my favorite pick up line. Rotting, oxidized plums are my choice of fine wine. Homeless streets and rotted benches are my pick for a suitable bed. He left love letters and Benjamins on the floor for me to shred. Without desire to destroy I found myself so starved. I didn’t…