Cyclical abuse

At first, we remain in a bad relationship because we truly believe in the sincerity of the claims of our partner to want to improve, or to overcome what they're struggling with.After some time, if we're not careful, our inability to get them to follow through will convince us that we're not a good enough [...]

Don’t just survive

I see too many people that take pride in being a survivor, which in itself is not unhealthy.It becomes unhealthy when that act of survival defines them for the rest of their lives.Don't allow a traumatic event, or an abusive relationship to define you beyond the immediate act of surviving it.You are capable of so [...]

Choose better

We choose what we take from life.Understanding those choices is therefore key to finding peace, or joy.Our choices, even though sometimes painful, are always based on good intentions in that moment of choosing.But, when that good intention is driven by a need to establish our significance rather than connect with the value that we want [...]