The pain of being empty

When we're overcome with the pain of betrayal, or loss, our focus is often on what we no longer have, rather than the gaping hole that it left in our soul.We try to reconcile the events or the mysteries that led up to that moment when what we cherished was suddenly taken.Sometimes taken by fate, [...]

The Betrayal of Pain

As a child, I recall idyllic holidays in the heartland of Kwazulu Natal. A small farm town with only basic amenities, and a farm with an abundance of natural intrigue, even more than beauty. These are two destinations that merge into one in my mind when I reminisce about the long drives down the rugged [...]

The Gravity of You

We go through life seeking to be understood, slowly shedding each layer of protection as we grow bolder in our journey towards finding that elusive state of comfort between the fire that rages within, and the composure expressed without. It's a dance for two often mimicked by one, but the band continues to play, whether [...]