Navigating relationships – 4 of 5

The importance of having a healthy support structure cannot be over emphasised.Majority of relationships fail because support structures from one or both sides are focused on protecting their own from the assumed malicious intent of the other party, rather than trying to establish understanding between the couple, and supporting them towards building their relationship.This need [...]

Judging bad behaviour

I have yet to meet someone who behaves poorly when they feel appreciated.Yet, we're most often focused on the poor behaviour instead of their feeling of insignificance.The same is true for us.Our anger, bitterness, or rebellion is simply an expression intended to reclaim our significance when significant others treat us as if we don't matter. [...]

We’re all searching for home

Remember, at some point someone also looked at you in your childhood and thought, "Damn, is this what the future looks like for humanity?"Our children have the best of us and the worst of us, and somewhere between those ends they form their own unique character.If you hope to understand them, you need to begin [...]