Those Damned Assumptions

I have a reputation of making people feel awkward, or as some would describe it, infuriated (stop nodding so feverishly, you may lose your balance!). I take a particular pride in knowing that I am viewed this way, because it merely cements my views about the nature of the average Joe that I meet on … Continue reading Those Damned Assumptions


The analytical mind is quite curious. It sets aside emotion and observes objectively that which presents itself before us. The keener the observation, the less emotional it is. The more emotional, the less accurate the assessment. Yet both these dispositions, emotional and analytical, are needed for a wholesome life. From personal experience, and my observations … Continue reading Sheltered

A Run-On Rant

I have this intense urge to want to write something meaningful but I’m completely distracted by the saddening news that the people around me don’t know what I do for a living no matter how many times and how many ways I’ve tried my level best to explain in as simple terms as possible what … Continue reading A Run-On Rant

thefemaleedward: People who think depression is a choice, take a second to think. How would it feel to wake up and not having the emotional strength to face people? To think that time is just passing by with no real reason? To feel so alone even when you are sitting in a room full of … Continue reading


I’m at odds with life. I’m the most responsible person you’ll probably ever meet, but also the most child-like at heart, but I’m not a child. I’ve resisted every effort by others to force me into a box so that I would be easier for them to deal with, but I’m not a rebel. Especially … Continue reading Me

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