Be what you need

In a world that is demanding attention all the time, it’s easy to get caught up in what we need from others while ignoring what they need from us.

Our humanness is often celebrated for ourselves, but set aside in our expectations from others.

We all need sympathy and compassion, but are hesitant to give others the benefit of the doubt when they fall short in giving us what we need from them.

The same way that we must seek to understand why we sometimes disappoint ourselves or others, we need to afford others the same consideration when they disappoint us.

We all have our demons that we’re fighting, but we each succumb to different ones.

Just because we’ve reigned over one of ours doesn’t mean that everyone else should be able to overcome the same demon in their lives.

The next time you find yourself demanding compassion or understanding from others, pause for a moment to consider why it is that they may seem incapable of being compassionate in that moment.

They may just be struggling with something themselves and don’t have the capacity to do more than they’re already doing.

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