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  • Ingratitude, the illegitimate child of self-loathing

    Ingratitude, the illegitimate child of self-loathing

    When you judge yourself harshly, you lose sight of the good that you’re achieving. That you judge yourself at all is an indulgence in breaking yourself down, rather than lifting yourself up. That’s why those who judge themselves most, are also most dependent on others treating them well before they feel significant, even if their […]

  • Your perspective may be your undoing

    Your perspective may be your undoing

    Internal conflict is the greatest contributor to misery. And misery or stress is felt most deeply when we’re at odds with ourselves, which affects our health because of that internal conflict. It is stress that always precedes any physical ailment that forms as a chronic illness within our body. And expectations are at the core […]

  • Conviction or distraction?

    Conviction or distraction?

    From The Egosystem, a reminder that when you are pursuing something new, don’t expect the people around you to understand or to buy into why you are passionate about it. Most of us are surrounded by people who live safely. Who fit in as best as they can. When you threaten to disrupt that safe […]

  • If you think you can’t, then you won’t…

    If you think you can’t, then you won’t…

    Archive Post… I can’t count how often I’ve been told, “Not everyone is like you!” That comment was usually in response to me encouraging them to do better or to rise above what was troubling them. You see, the assumption that a weak person makes is that some people are gifted to be more successful […]

  • Confidently you…and only you

    Confidently you…and only you

    The question is, do you know yourself well enough to have an informed opinion of yourself? When we rely on others for more than just feedback, and instead, we allow them to validate who we are, we essentially give them the power to define how we feel about ourselves. Listening to what others think of […]

  • Assumed to be inadequate

    Assumed to be inadequate

    Assumptions are those things that eventually appear as facts because we’ve been making those assumptions for so long that we don’t see reason to question it any longer. It’s a theme that sets in over a long period of time, and becomes the lens through which we see the world. More importantly, it becomes the […]