Pitying yourself because of your self-pity

When we realise the impact that our self-pity has on those around us, we’ll discover that we’re part of the cycle that leads to us feeling sorry for ourselves.

Focusing on what we don’t have distracts us from all the opportunities that are possible with what we do have.

Similarly, focusing on who we are not, distracts us from all the amazing things that we are capable of because of who we are.

The root of this problem of self-pity lies in two things.

We compare ourselves to others.

And then we assume to know what they think of us because of how they treat us.

Any comparison we make must be focused on learning and growing by observing in others what is possible within ourselves.

It must be a source of inspiration to constantly improve, not because we’re deficient, but because we’re capable of more.

Any focus on what others may think of us must be driven by our need to measure our effectiveness in our efforts to impact their lives in the way that we intended to.

And any consideration of what is implied by how they treat us must include our understanding, or at least our effort towards understanding, what they may be grappling with in their own life that causes them to behave badly towards us.

Ingratitude is formed within us when we diminish the value of what we have because we’re fixated on everything that we don’t have.

You can’t build a life with what you don’t have.

You can only create something with what you do have.

Start there.

Or else you won’t start at all.

It always starts with you.

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