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How often do you indulge in self-care because you truly value yourself, versus doing it because you have no reason to believe that anyone else cares enough to do it for you?

Just because we believe we’re worth it, doesn’t mean that we treat ourselves kindly out of gratitude for who we are.

Self-care that is driven by true gratitude for the self will result in emotional tranquility despite the trying circumstances of our lives, or the lacking substance in our relationships with others.

It will result in moments of pause that happen spontaneously because we connect with the value of that moment, rather than because we have to pace ourselves in the hope of remaining functional in our duties towards others.

Self-pity subtly transforms into self-loathing when it grows to define how we see our place in this world relative to what we need or want from others.

When our internal conversation shifts towards convincing ourselves that who we are is why we’re not getting what we need, or why we’re not being treated the way we’d like to be treated, that’s when our thinking is driven by the belief that we’re not enough.

True gratitude for the self is not driven by how others react to you.

Their reaction is only ever an indication of two things.

Firstly, the effectiveness of your efforts to communicate what is important to you relative to where they’re at.

Secondly, a reflection of their ability to receive what you’re offering because of where they’re at.

Figuring out the difference between the two demands mindfulness and the absence of self-loathing.

Judging yourself based on your ability to get through to others is nothing more than a distraction from what you should be improving in your efforts to be more effective at achieving what you believe is important,

Judgement is always only ever the first step in growth.

It is driven by self-loathing when it becomes the final step.

What truly drives your reasons for self-care?

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