Don’t just survive

I see too many people that take pride in being a survivor, which in itself is not unhealthy.It becomes unhealthy when that act of survival defines them for the rest of their lives.Don't allow a traumatic event, or an abusive relationship to define you beyond the immediate act of surviving it.You are capable of so [...]

Choose your moment

We all have a touch of insanity that threatens to overwhelm us at times.Instead of competing to be heard above the noise of the madness around you, your sanity may be better served by finding peace in being able to choose your madness.When we lose sight of what is important because we're focused on being [...]

Seek understanding. Always.

If you find yourself judging, more than understanding, you're filled with fear about the future. Not hope.Judgement is not always harsh. But, judgement is always focused on an external standard that we think others respect.External standards give us comfort because we don't run the risk of making a bad decision by ourselves. If things don't [...]

Rediscover who you are

The journey of rediscovery of the self is the greatest joy of all.It shakes off the cobwebs that life tends to accumulate, and breaks the chains that we've used to tether ourselves to past experiences. Rediscover who you really are, so that you can shake off the debris that you accumulated through the years with [...]

Own your life

Note to self: When you allow yourself to be defined by the scepticism of others, you impose their limitations on yourself.Recognising that all mental and emotional limitations are self-imposed is critical to growth.These limitations are revealed in how we believe we are compelled to respond to someone or some experience.It is revealed in how we [...]

Are you grateful for you?

Whenever asked about gratitude, the inevitable response is one that is focused on everything we have around us.Sometimes, we consider our health and our skills.At other times we recognise the value of things not being as bad as they could have been.And we convince ourselves that this is being grateful.But how often do we stop [...]