In a World of Worries

I often wonder why it seems so difficult to write about the good of the day, as opposed to how easy it is to rant about the bad. Sitting in my corner of the cave, with a window facing the gurgling water from the pond just outside, I'm often focused on the mental fatigue that … Continue reading In a World of Worries

The Ingratitude of Depression

During the period in my life when I was diagnosed as being clinically depressed, the thoughts that pervaded my consciousness were always focused on what went wrong, what didn't work out, why it would be futile to try again, and so on. I felt abused and despondent, let down and betrayed. I looked around for … Continue reading The Ingratitude of Depression

Humility and Happiness is not a choice

We often look at humility and consider how it can’t be acquired, because the very effort to acquire humility will be the result of an arrogant indulgence. Then there is the cliché quoted by many that the profession of humility is in itself arrogance, which has much truth in it. What isn't so obvious though is that the … Continue reading Humility and Happiness is not a choice

Computing Loss

When others share their views or sentiments about tragic moments in my own life, it often overwhelms me more than the experience itself. Those first moments on hearing the bad news, or rationalising the loss left me feeling sombre, but not always overwhelmed with emotion. On many occasions I’ve been able to hold back the tears … Continue reading Computing Loss

Number 5 specifically caught my attention because it spurred the following thought process so early in the morning. So bear with me, but I think there’s another important reason why comparing ourselves to others is a futile exercise. Apart from the fact that we’ll never know what they’ve been through, chances are we also will … Continue reading

That Vicious Cycle

Being hurt, being wrong, being too afraid to love again…I tried to break the cycle and then recoiled when I got close to the point of breaking it because of the comfort in knowing my misery, versus the potential pain that may result from another hopeful episode in my search for happiness or fulfilment in … Continue reading That Vicious Cycle

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