A destined misery…or is it?

Are you sightseeing while wishing that what you see could be your reality?

Most often, it is our belief in what we deserve that limits us more than what we actually deserve or are capable of achieving.

In fact, considering what we deserve or don’t deserve is a distraction most likely grounded in self-pity or entitlement, neither of which changes reality.

Couple that with resigning your fate to destiny and you have a recipe for misery.

It’s like waiting up all night to witness an amazing sunrise only to give up as the first streaks of dawn appear, followed by convincing ourselves that it was our destiny not to see the sunrise.

No. Destiny is the sum total of the choices that you make with the opportunities that present themselves to you.

If you’re too distracted to notice those opportunities, or lack the courage to embrace it, that’s your choice, not destiny.

The only thing that can reasonably be blamed on destiny is the consequences that affect us of the bad decisions that others make.

Likewise, they are confronted with the fateful outcomes of our poor decisions, or our inaction to improve things.

How we respond to that which is out of our control is a reflection of who we are and what we value about life.

Don’t settle for less and then blame the world for not treating you fairly, or for not allowing you to have the life that you want.

You only accept or pursue that which you believe you deserve, or that which is safe for you to pursue when you’re distracted by what others think of you.

That’s why most of us settle for the dawn because we believe that we’re undeserving of the majestic sunrise.

It always starts with you.

Not with destiny.

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