Confidently you…and only you

The question is, do you know yourself well enough to have an informed opinion of yourself?When we rely on others for more than just feedback, and instead, we allow them to validate who we are, we essentially give them the power to define how we feel about ourselves.Listening to what others think of you must... Continue Reading →

Failure is not a group sport

When you find reason to sit back and lick the wounds of your ego, remember this.No one will ever be as invested in your success as you are.The sooner you own your life, the sooner you'll be able to enrich the lives of those around you.It's easier to fail collectively, than to fail alone.Setting out... Continue Reading →

Don’t blame destiny

Most often, it is our belief in what we deserve that limits us more than what we actually deserve or are capable of achieving.It's like waiting up all night to witness an amazing sunrise only to give up as the first streaks of dawn appear and then convince ourselves that it was our destiny not... Continue Reading →

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