Do you appreciate you?

When we surrender to what we believe was preordained for us, we give up our ability to influence its outcomes.That giving up creates a self-fulfilling prophecy by allowing things to progress in its current path without any effort to disrupt it, convincing us that we were right about it being preordained. For this reason, we [...]

Positive thinking fallacies

Important reminder from the archives...There is much harm in this widespread acceptance of the so-called power cf positive thinking. Most importantly, it suggests that our thoughts inspire the actions of others.That is patently incorrect.It also suggests that if we focus on positivity, we're guaranteed to attract positivity.That is dangerously incorrect.We all wear masks of some [...]

Who is that voice in your head?

There are signs in everything, if only we paid attention, or reflected deeply enough on it.It's like noticing all the cars on the road that are similar to your own. You may also notice cars that you really dislike, and cars that you love.But do you notice cars that don't interest you in any meaningful [...]