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  • Live life. Really, live it.

    Live life. Really, live it.

    How do you cheat life? You focus on what you don’t have, instead of what you can give. We’re hard-wired, even before birth, to create something bigger than who we are. We need to be part of something that gives us a sense of belonging or significance. Anything that will convince us that our existence […]

  • Who goes first?

    Who goes first?

    If you find yourself among people who constantly demand that you give without receiving, or love without expressing affection in return, guard your soul. As much as we wish to fill the cups of others with goodness in this world, we must not deplete our own in the process. By indulging such selfishness from others, […]

  • Peace is possible

    Peace is possible

    The belief that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger is a lie. Yes, it may prepare us for greater trials and opportunities, but we also grow impatient or intolerant if we repeatedly faced with the same or similar challenge. Life begins to feel stagnant and suffocating of we find ourselves faced with the same […]

  • You give what you have

    You give what you have

    What we believe is true about ourselves is what we are capable of offering to others. Nothing more. Nothing less. You cannot give what you don’t have. The day you realise this is the day you’ll see the fears and weaknesses that drives others to behave badly towards you. It was never about you. It’s […]

  • How to abandon your dreams

    How to abandon your dreams

    Failure only threatens is if we feel defined by the outcome of our efforts in trying to achieve our goals. Sometimes those goals are small things that influence the daily quality of our lives, and sometimes it’s big things that shape our future. The source of fearing failure is in our need to be respected […]

  • Embrace the whole of you

    Embrace the whole of you

    We often discard good advice because we don’t like the source. Sometimes it’s because we don’t want to appear weak in front of them, and other times it’s because we are trying to save face after having treated them badly. Emotional maturity is achieved when we are willing to learn from our enemies and loved […]