Know your place

The value of knowing your place is underrated.So many impose themselves in the hope of acceptance, only to question the sincerity of the company they keep when they eventually earn that acceptance.Sometimes, we only discover our place after having invested in relationships that were never intent on embracing us the way we embraced them.Sometimes, those

Why wait?

The most common distraction that prevents us from reaching our goals is waiting for others to take responsibility for our wounds.I'm not saying that they may not be responsible for the betrayal or the hurtful way in which they treated us. No.What I'm saying is that waiting for them to own their contribution towards our

Gluttonous distractions

The utopian ideal for many is to find a line of work that feeds our passion for life, while also earning us a comfortable lifestyle.Inevitably, the comfort of the material rewards for such a pursuit, for those of us fortunate enough to discover our passion, slowly distracts us from that unadulterated passion that once drove

Protect your dream

How often do you hold yourself back while waiting for someone else to believe in you first?When venturing into a new domain, or taking that bravely bold step to reinvent yourself, don't be disheartened when you find that those you thought closest to you do not support you.Those closest to us are invested in the

It starts and ends with gratitude

Many struggle with achieving a sense of fulfilment in their lives because they have yet to appreciate, with sincerity, the value that they hold within themselves.We only make ourselves truly available in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, if we believe that who we are will be valued by others.The irony is that gratitude for who