The living martyr

One of the biggest hang ups in life, is wearing our hurt as a badge of honour.

Our need to have our struggle recognised is born from the belief that we will not be appreciated if others don’t know what we went through.

It is born from the belief that our shortcomings must be tolerated or understood, or even accommodated by others because they don’t know what we’ve been through.

While some may look at this and think that it’s a reasonable expectation of compassion, the truth is, when we look to be seen in this way, we diminish the capacity we have to move beyond it.

We end up investing in the oppressed version of ourselves, while blaming the world for oppressing us.

If you believe that persevering through struggle is all you’re capable of, you’re oppressing yourself long before anyone else undermines your value.

Do you really believe that you’re capable of nothing more than to survive the struggles of your life, or do you believe that you have something of value to offer this world, despite your struggles?

Your answer to that question will determine if you live to survive by the rules of others, or if you live with a passion to leave this world in a better state than it was before your arrival because you believe you have something of value to contribute.

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