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  • Your perspective may be your undoing

    Your perspective may be your undoing

    Internal conflict is the greatest contributor to misery. And misery or stress is felt most deeply when we’re at odds with ourselves, which affects our health because of that internal conflict. It is stress that always precedes any physical ailment that forms as a chronic illness within our body. And expectations are at the core […]

  • Own your prejudice

    Own your prejudice

    While I can’t take credit for the poster, the message in the poster is 100% on point. If you find this offensive, I offer life coaching at very reasonable rates aimed at helping you to own your prejudices. We need to support women instead of accommodating wayward men. The same applies for boys who think […]

  • Who’s draining your joy?

    Who’s draining your joy?

    Avoidance requires distractions, and distractions are exhausting. We don’t always avoid the truth because we want to. In fact, most often, it’s because we’re persisting in what we believe to be true that causes us to ignore the reality that we’re facing. Like investing in someone who is at war with themselves. Or expecting opportunities […]

  • Choose your battles carefully

    Choose your battles carefully

    There’s that old saying that reminds us that if we stop to respond to every barking dog, we’ll never get to the end of the street.. The lack of interest, lack of respect, or lack of appreciation that you receive in response to your efforts towards what should be joint goals is good reason to […]

  • How much are you worth?

    How much are you worth?

    When your behaviour is driven by how others treat you, the good times become dull, and the bad times become dreary. It might seem endearing to focus on how others treat you so that you can return the favour if they’re being sweet or kind, but that means that you are not being true to […]

  • Conviction or distraction?

    Conviction or distraction?

    From The Egosystem, a reminder that when you are pursuing something new, don’t expect the people around you to understand or to buy into why you are passionate about it. Most of us are surrounded by people who live safely. Who fit in as best as they can. When you threaten to disrupt that safe […]