Cherished to death

When love is a well kept secret, it becomes torturous

When love is embraced, it emits a glow that keeps the darkness of the world at bay

When we withhold our love from fear of it not being enough, we destroy the very object of our affection

Thus, self deprecation cherishes beauty in silence, but leaves to whither and die, the object of its cherishing

It is the doubts we harbour of our adequacy, that undermines our resolve to be beautiful

In our efforts to hide from the world our fear, we lose sight of those who see in us what we don’t see in ourselves

Those same souls who worship our beauty, but are discarded through our fear, are the souls whose hearts we cherish…silently

Our belief that they do not need our embrace as much as we wish they would embrace us, is what leaves them cherished, but discarded

Even the most cherished of hearts, if left without a home, will die of exposure.

Perhaps this is why the good fades from our lives, as we hold on to the bad that we believe is not fair to place as a burden on others…

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More than a wish

Wishing it’s a sunny day when it’s raining is not going to make the sun come out.

Leaving your umbrella behind is therefore an act of foolishness, not optimism.

Optimism without evidence or action, or both, is a delusion we use to cope with an unpleasant reality.

Wishing away reality only allows that unpleasantness to fester and gain momentum, because natural cycles that are not disrupted by deliberate action will continue to grow in strength.

Let your optimism be based on your belief in the effectiveness of your efforts, not in wishes that have no support in becoming real.

And faith, of course. But faith is the basis of optimism, and faith, without effort, is simply wishful thinking.

Start by taking action, and then have faith that your action will create opportunities to achieve your goals.

Do this, and optimism will take care of itself.

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A bitter trade

We lose ourselves to the bitterness of this world when we allow the self-loathing of others to define our self-worth.

In our desire to be understood, we willingly adopt labels that limit our expression of who we truly are.

It is a betrayal of the contract of kindness that we have with our soul.

The contract that compels us to treat with gentleness that which we cherish, and to handle with care those who cherish us.

When we allow the self-loathing that drives the bad behaviour of others to define how we feel about ourselves, we replace our gentleness with their harshness, and our care with their contempt.

The labels we use to convince ourselves that this bitter trade is warranted include convincing ourselves that we’re alone, that were powerless victims, or that we’re worthless unless our betrayer tastes the cruelty with which they treated us.

We hope to find significance in karma, believing that if we’re not avenged, then our experience was of no consequence.

To be of consequence, even to the most despicable, fills that void of self-worth that we created when we betrayed the contract of kindness with our soul.

Exhale. Release the toxins of a toxic past, so that you may fill your chest with the blessings that await.

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To be loved…

Love, without understanding, is mere infatuation.

To love, is to see the strength that created such beauty, not just to admire the beauty.

To love, is to caress the scar with a gentleness that honours the pain that caused it.

To love, is to see the pain that sometimes distorts the beauty, without devaluing the beauty.

To love, is to see, before needing to be seen.

The profession of love, without truly knowing who is being loved, is a profession of need, more than it is an embrace.

It is when our need to be understood by our beloved exceeds our desire to understand them first that love makes a silent exit, and entitlement replaces it.

To truly love, you must first seek to understand, because understanding demands that you pay attention to your beloved, before you feel a need to demand their attention for what you need instead.

Be loved. Be blessed.

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Exhale. Peace is within reach.

Wisdom is the re-finding of innocence.

We’re born innocent, but then life happens.

Almost imperceptibly, our innocence wanes, and our disappointment in life replaces it.

Focused on remedying our justified gripes with this world, we lose sight of our innocence that once brought us peace.

Our life then becomes a struggle to regain that peace, sometimes further contaminating our innocence in that effort.

Until, one day, quite by chance, we realise that peace lies in reconnecting with our innocence.

And innocence lies in relinquishing our justified claim for justice or retribution.

Our path then shifts from striving for peace, and instead, discovering why life happened the way that it did.

In discovering the why, the disappointment and bitterness recedes, and the space once occupied by innocence becomes available once more.

Thus, innocence is allowed back in, not because we pursued it, but because we allowed it to return.

Exhale, beloved. The breath you’ve been holding in, waiting for justice, is better spent exhaling the toxins that cloud your heart.

Let your heart rise. It knows how. We just need to stop weighing it down with expectations of those whose growth is not aligned with our own.

Exhale, beloved. A breath of peace awaits you.

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Tears hold no value if left to dry on their own.

It’s the gentle touch that wipes it away

That fulfils its yearning

Be gentle with yourself, beloved

The world mocks the extraordinary

Because ordinary is safer for meek souls

(a snip of things to come in my new novel, Taqdeer, A Dance With Destiny)

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