Prisons of our minds

Without realising it, we create most of the boundaries and the dependencies that we have on others, often without them being aware of it.One of the reasons we do this is because that is our code of life that we're honouring.It's our way of respecting or protecting what we see as sacred in that relationship.However, [...]

Seek understanding. Always.

If you find yourself judging, more than understanding, you're filled with fear about the future. Not hope.Judgement is not always harsh. But, judgement is always focused on an external standard that we think others respect.External standards give us comfort because we don't run the risk of making a bad decision by ourselves. If things don't [...]

Two rules for life

There are two rules that I wish more people would apply in their lives.Rules that will result in more sincerity and less hypocrisy.More trust, less betrayal.More wholesome relationships, less infidelity and betrayal.The two rules are simple.Firstly, don't exhaust yourself explaining your behaviour to people who don't matter. This not only gives you a false sense [...]

Empty promises

Some promises are broken before they're even sealed.Some are honoured before they're even made.The promises that are sincere will be blessed in their outcomes, well beyond the obligation that they carry.But the promise made out of obligation or compromise will always be burdensome and restrained in its fulfilment.Like apologies, promises are often made to avoid [...]

Enabling our oppressors

We only give others permission to disrespect us when we disrespect ourselves first.Disrespect of the self takes many shapes and forms including compromising our values for personal gain, accepting abuse from fear of abandonment, restraining our contribution from fear of rejection, and more.When treating ourselves with disrespect becomes the norm, accepting disrespect becomes the theme [...]

To give up silently

"When you give up on something, it becomes a weighty silence that you carry within you for the rest of your life.It's a quiet acceptance that what once was the centre of your being will never be a part of your being again.The silence is the only gesture that will honour such loss, such surrender.And [...]