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  • Are you sure you have an attitude of gratitude?

    Are you sure you have an attitude of gratitude?

    With all the ‘attitude of gratitude’ narratives, I thought it might be helpful to identify when we’re not being as grateful as we think we are. Gratitude for the self is reflected in how you value who you are without a need to diminish the value of others. Sometimes, we convince ourselves that we need […]

  • How much are you worth?

    How much are you worth?

    When your behaviour is driven by how others treat you, the good times become dull, and the bad times become dreary. It might seem endearing to focus on how others treat you so that you can return the favour if they’re being sweet or kind, but that means that you are not being true to […]

  • Life is nothing without gratitude

    Life is nothing without gratitude

    Gratitude is only possible if you’re present in the moment you’re in. Fear distracts us from the present moment by reminding us of the past and tainting our experience of the present. It’s when we look for evidence in the present moment of the causes of pain from our past, that we find reason to […]

  • Ungratefully appreciative

    Ungratefully appreciative

    Words that carry good intention but lack conviction, often causes more harm than good. Like expressing appreciation for the blessings that we have, but treating those blessings with disregard because we lack true gratitude for it. The expression of appreciation towards something is the equivalent of a good intention, and nothing more. Gratitude runs much […]

  • Avoiding life is waiting for death

    Avoiding life is waiting for death

    Sometimes, avoiding drama seems like the only possibility of experiencing peace. But, that’s like saying that as long as we’re not sad, we must be happy. We know that’s not true. The absence of unpleasant events in our life may give us reason to be grateful for not having them, but it doesn’t mean that […]

  • Selective inheritance

    Selective inheritance

    Our relationship with our parents, whether they were present or absent, wholesome or abusive, will have a distinct impact on how we shape our character through life. Not only will we develop our sense of self based on how we felt in their presence, but they are also our main point of reference in how […]

  • Judge as you wish to be judged

    Judge as you wish to be judged

    We speak from a position of privilege when we judge the failures of others within the context of what is possible for us. Even something as simple as the resolve we have, or the choices we made to rise above a challenge, comes from a place of assuming that our emotional resilience is the same […]

  • The arrogance spawned by fear

    The arrogance spawned by fear

    Fear causes us to fixate on our intentions, while defending the bad behaviour that such fear spawns. The fear is most often associated with what we think is under threat, or that others won’t understand. So we begin preempting what they intend towards us, or what threats they present to what we want for ourselves. […]