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  • Woe is me…or is it?

    Woe is me…or is it?

    The need to be pacified about the struggles of our life is an indication of how much or how little we believe in ourselves to rise above it. When we lose sight of our contribution towards our current state, we surrender to destiny or fate, and wait to be saved or celebrated for how strong […]

  • Destroying peace to find peace

    Destroying peace to find peace

    Rage is a destructive demand for significance when we believe that who we are is not enough to be important to those we love. The anger that spurs on the rage is a defence mechanism to protect ourselves from becoming invisible. We try, in our own little futile ways, to be enough without being able […]

  • Escaping addiction

    Escaping addiction

    It’s not drugs that steal our children from us. Like us, they also need to feel significant. Taking drugs is not just a bad habit. It’s a means to escape what we don’t want to deal with in the world around us. Is it a bad decision? Absolutely. Because escaping something never resolves it, it […]

  • Don’t trade your best for their worst

    Don’t trade your best for their worst

    There is rarely a day that passes without me reading or hearing about someone who invested years, if not decades of their life, to people who were not invested in the relationship. When the reality of that betrayal finally hits home, it destroys our spirit and convinces us that we’ve sacrificed the best years of […]

  • Don’t pay it forward

    Don’t pay it forward

    Vengeance is easier than understanding. Bitterness is easier than forgiveness. Mirroring the behaviour of those who treated us badly is easier than rising up to be better than them. Each time we choose the easier path, we become the very monsters and degenerates that created the hurt and pain in our lives. Too often, we […]

  • Self-imposed prisons of our mind

    Self-imposed prisons of our mind

    We imprison ourselves each time we restrain our natural expression because we’re afraid that it won’t be appreciated, or celebrated. Our need for approval or validation soon becomes our greatest crutch in life, until eventually it becomes our prison. We decorate its walls with images and scraps that honour the past, sometimes recalling moments of […]

  • The hypocrisy of self-loathing

    The hypocrisy of self-loathing

    The most toxic plague in the human condition is that of demanding kindness while withholding it. I watch with morbid curiosity the volumes of memes and quotes shared by many in which we are reminded to treat everyone with kindness because we never know what struggles they are enduring. Yet, those same people are waiting […]

  • Contaminating the self

    Contaminating the self

    Self-worth is contaminated when we try to define it by the way we think others perceive us. Whether their perception is correct or not is irrelevant. The fact that their perception has more sway over our self-worth than our perception of ourselves is what determines the difference between a healthy self esteem, and an unhealthy […]