Own your misery

Miserable are the ones who compete with their companions, and then go searching for companionship among those that will ruin them.Self-pity and self-loathing are the marks of ingratitude that turn your greatest supporters into your greatest distractions.All because you think that they see the inadequacy and shame with which you view yourself.That's why at times,... Continue Reading →

Self-pity is never a recommendation

When we go out searching for safe spaces in which to grow, we're more invested in hiding the shame that we feel about ourselves, than we are in growing.Rather than focusing on pushing ourselves into spaces that are uncomfortable, we need to focus on why we feel such shame to begin with.Shame doesn't always feel... Continue Reading →

Do you remember you?

Sometimes, we lose ourselves to the hopelessness of others.Sometimes, we lose ourselves to the failed expectations of life.And sometimes, we lose ourselves because we thought it was our failings that earned us pain, while oblivious to the fact that it was in fact our success that threatened the ones we loved.In these, and so many... Continue Reading →

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