Destroying peace to find peace

Rage is a destructive demand for significance when we believe that who we are is not enough to be important to those we love.The anger that spurs on the rage is a defence mechanism to protect ourselves from becoming invisible.We try, in our own little futile ways, to be enough without being able to express [...]

Raging for love

Nothing destroys more than ingratitude, and ingratitude for the self is expressed through self-loathing.But self-loathing is disguised in many ways, the most common of which is anger.Anger is a defence mechanism that distracts attention away from what we feel inadequate about.It demands that we be taken seriously when we have no reason to believe that [...]

The shame within

Good advice sometimes feels like a threat because it prompts us to acknowledge a flaw that we feel ashamed of.It's like putting in your best effort to create a piece of art, and then having someone come along and innocently suggest that you should've tried this or that to enhance it further.No matter how much [...]