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  • Your rage, your loss

    Your rage, your loss

    If left unchecked, rage eventually clouds our judgement as we seek vengeance from anyone who reminds us of those who treated us badly in the past. When you find a reason to rage at every assumed threat, peace becomes elusive and bitterness takes over. Feeling enraged may be human, but acting on that rage is…

  • Blind rage

    Blind rage

    Sometimes we get so caught up in our anger at the world that we lose sight of the fact that our anger feeds the very same cycles that we’ve grown to despise. Don’t get angry. If you can influence positive change, do it. If not, walk away. Insisting on rage after you’ve realised that you…

  • Humility is achieved when one makes a concerted effort to not be a prick CJ

  • Seeking Allah’s Guidance and Blessings

  • It is better to sit alone than in company with the bad; and it is better still to sit with the good than alone. It is better to speak to a seeker of knowledge than to remain silent; but silence is better than idle words. Sahih Bukhari

  • Ignoring a fool is not indifference, it’s wisdom. Zaid Ismail

  • Words of Wisdom

    While reading through the below quotes, I couldn’t help but wonder how many people would ponder on it, and perhaps even apply some of it, if they weren’t aware of the source? The last one is my favourite! [Cynically Jaded] torevolution: There is  a reason why the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a respected and admired…

  • Pervasive ignorance must not be mistaken for collective wisdom Cynically Jaded