Your rage, your loss

If left unchecked, rage eventually clouds our judgement as we seek vengeance from anyone who reminds us of those who treated us badly in the past.

When you find a reason to rage at every assumed threat, peace becomes elusive and bitterness takes over.

Feeling enraged may be human, but acting on that rage is a choice.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our anger at the world that we lose sight of the fact that our anger feeds the very same cycles that we’ve grown to despise.

No one makes you angry.

Anger is your choice of response to someone else’s behaviour because of what they mean to you, or because of what their actions trigger within you, or both.

And that’s because of what you want to mean to them, but are failing at achieving it.

So your anger is your demand for significance when who you are is insufficient to achieve that significance.

Your anger and your triggers are your responsibility.

Making the world responsible for your emotional response to life gives everyone the power to control your behaviour.

If you can influence a positive change in how someone treats you, do it.

If not, walk away.

Insisting on rage after you’ve realised that you are unable to influence positive change is an indulgence of your ego and not a righteous protest.

Choose carefully who you want to be when someone treats you badly, or else you’ll lose yourself to become just like those whom you despise for treating you badly because your rage will cause you to become a source of oppression against those who have nothing to do with your feelings of inadequacy.

Don’t get angry.

It’s not worth it.

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