A distracted populace

When popular opinion prevails over the wisdom of the ages, fear greatly for the next generation.

We live in times when good appears as evil, and evil appears as good.

When standing up for something on a basis of principle is dismissed as idealism, and the path of least resistance is seen as the only sensible thing to do.

When respect is confused with good manners, and sincerity is confused with being polite.

When the worst of us leads, and the best of us are ridiculed for expecting more.

When we look to the past with rose coloured spectacles, we lose the essence of the effort that created that past, while believing that nostalgia is all that it offers.

When we surrender to the thinking that times have changed, we lose sight of the fact that we’re changing the times.

That’s how the feeble-minded gain popularity through stroking the egos of the masses, while the masses are deluded by their social media feeds into believing that they’re being progressive.

And in the midst of all this ridiculousness, we have a generation that is lost, yet horribly confident about everything that is lacking in substance but full of self-gratification.

It is going to be a disastrous day when they realise that self-gratification was in fact a coping mechanism for self-loathing, and life grew empty as they lost their connection with their roots, their cultural heritage, and their identity.

Assimilation has never fed the soul, it only ever destroyed our sense of self.

A society that demands assimilation is a society that is doomed to failure because it already lacks the substance and the credibility to deal with differences.

The future cries in anticipation of what we’re producing in the present.

When will we awaken from being so woke?

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