Dream a little dream…

In a world of cynics, it's easy to lose sight of the power that you have to turn your dreams into reality.Your efforts become more daunting when faced with an endless barrage of naysayers who only see your potential through their own fears.Sincere advisors are often driven by fear, and thus focus on protecting you [...]

A brain dump

Optimism is not always enough. It helps, but sometimes, I just want things to go easy for a bit. If I knew that a single moment of trusting someone could lead to a lifetime of struggle, I would not have been so trusting, or at least not so generous with my trust. But spilled milk [...]

The quick sand of my mind

The icy breaths that leave my mouth on a miserably cold morning is the only accurate reflection of the emotions that stir within. I see messages proclaiming that love is the answer to the world's problems, but they don't realise that most don't know how to love. It's the arrogance of the assumption that if [...]