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  • Conveniently judgemental

    Conveniently judgemental

    Judgement is only ever supposed to be the first step in correcting what’s wrong. Sadly, it’s most often the only step that we take when faced with unbecoming behaviour from others. Worse still, judgement is easy to dish out about issues and incidents that are none of our business because having an opinion on something […]

  • How much are you worth?

    How much are you worth?

    When your behaviour is driven by how others treat you, the good times become dull, and the bad times become dreary. It might seem endearing to focus on how others treat you so that you can return the favour if they’re being sweet or kind, but that means that you are not being true to […]

  • Life is nothing without gratitude

    Life is nothing without gratitude

    Gratitude is only possible if you’re present in the moment you’re in. Fear distracts us from the present moment by reminding us of the past and tainting our experience of the present. It’s when we look for evidence in the present moment of the causes of pain from our past, that we find reason to […]

  • Selective inheritance

    Selective inheritance

    Our relationship with our parents, whether they were present or absent, wholesome or abusive, will have a distinct impact on how we shape our character through life. Not only will we develop our sense of self based on how we felt in their presence, but they are also our main point of reference in how […]

  • Recycling generational trauma

    Recycling generational trauma

    One of the biggest mistakes in trying to break the generational trauma cycle is that we focus on NOT wanting to be like our parents. All that allows us to do is figure out what we don’t want for ourselves and our children. While that might seem like enough, it also means that we will […]

  • The absent parent

    The absent parent

    Even an absent parent is still parenting. It’s then on the shoulders of the present one to compensate for that. Sometimes, the absence of someone has a greater impact on us than the presence of others. This is especially true for parenting. The absent parent leaves the child with feelings of abandonment, insignificance, and a […]

  • The story of that (empty) house

      This house, no, THAT house held many things. In it’s wall grew a tangle of thoughts, emotions, musings wanderings, knotted together with desire, hope, love and courage decaying with anger, misunderstanding, insecurity and indifference This house, no, THAT house was built on a strong yet unsteady foundation of fascination That house (yes, I’ve learnt […]