Don’t trade your virtues for vices

Don't withhold the beauty of your spirit just because there is no one around to appreciate it.Be who you are, and let others be who they choose to be.The expectation of being treated the way we treat others is what causes much bitterness and anger.It's not worth it.Give without the expectation of receiving. And when [...]

Be gentle

Chances are very good that your harshness or cruelty is directed at the wrong person.Unfortunately, you'll only realise this after the damage is done. Cruelty, like anger, is most often expressed to those weaker than us, even though we experience it at the hands of those stronger than us.Sadly, it is paid forward more often [...]

Be gentle…to you

When you treat the vulnerable or the gentle ones with contempt, you create the same monsters that made you.The moment that we realise what we assume to be our nature is in fact a product of our upbringing, we'll be able to make conscious decisions about who we want to be.Sometimes, we place so much [...]