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  • Empathise


    Empathy is expressed when we desire for others what we wish to have for ourselves. Sometimes, it’s something we have, and we hope that others will be able to enjoy the same value and benefit that we enjoy from it. Sometimes, it’s what we don’t have, yet we hope that we may be able to […]

  • To Breathe Again

    To Breathe Again

    There are few things more exhausting than the plague of insincerity from those that find a constant need to explain their drama and their dreams under the pretense of seeking sincere advice to overcome their hurdles.  Soliciting advice while professing not to have the answers ourselves, then discarding that advice in favour of taking the […]

  • Dramatic Trauma

    I’ve always been curious about the impact of our perceptions on the reality we seem to contend with. This became even more prominent in a recent discussion regarding the way in which we perceive or interpret various experiences and how it subsequently affects us.  One thing I realised is that I don’t recall ever looking […]

  • Reverse Engineering Life

    It seems that I’ve wasted most of my life experiences during the years when I quietly contended with the upheavals in my life and moved silently forward without making a fuss of what I wanted, nor questioning why it always seemed to happen to me. Through no deliberate effort on my part it strengthened me, […]