Empathy is expressed when we desire for others what we wish to have for ourselves.

Sometimes, it’s something we have, and we hope that others will be able to enjoy the same value and benefit that we enjoy from it.

Sometimes, it’s what we don’t have, yet we hope that we may be able to contribute towards others having it, despite having no reason to believe that we’ll be able to experience it ourselves.

Empathy is founded in our desire to alleviate our struggles that we see in someone else’s life.

That struggle could be something we currently experience, or something that we have experienced before.

It is core to our humanness, and only gets tainted when we respond with bitterness, hoping to see others suffer or struggle in the same way as we may have. Either at their hands, or at the hands of those whom they represent in our life.

Empathy is the difference between peaceful acceptance, and bitter vengeance.

Like that old proverb says, a bitter heart eats its owner.

Protect your heart from the bitterness of this world by practicing empathy instead.

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