Emotional wellbeing, not mental health

It is only through our internal wars that we lose sight of reality.The culture of labeling people dehumanises the very human that is struggling with their humanness.We focus on our demons so intently, that we become defined by them, bearing them patiently in quiet shame, protecting ourselves from being exposed for what we hold within.When [...]

But is it abuse?

If the widespread belief that silent treatment is emotional abuse is to be accepted, then we must also consider the form of abuse that its counter behaviour imposes.Silent treatment is not an assault on the senses and it doesn't demand a response. The impact on the recipient of silent treatment is therefore dependent on what [...]

Dehumanising the human

Don't become so fixated on labelling yours, or the behaviour of others, that you lose sight of the human struggle behind that behaviour.Labels make it easier for us to deal with stuff.The moment we give it a name, we can manage our expectations around it.This is fine when it comes to abstract stuff and tasks [...]