Money is not the root of evil

Money is nothing more than a tool.It's a means to an end, not a motivation in itself.Even its accumulation through miserliness, or its wastage through extravagance still makes it nothing more than a tool to achieve a greater goal.Ingratitude is what results in such tools being used to our detriment, or to the detriment of [...]

The silent ones

True misery doesn't love company.It decays the soul in silence.When someone is complaining, it's because they still have hope that someone cares enough to listen or respond.Or even to empathise.When they give up on these three things, they go silent because they have grown to accept that no one else cares, or understands the state [...]

Live, and let die…

Sometimes, our setbacks in life can feel as if our world is coming to an end.In many ways, it does spell the end of a lifetime for us because we reach points where everything that we know to be true comes under question.Major life events like health issues that compromise our quality of life, divorce, [...]

Two rules for life

There are two rules that I wish more people would apply in their lives.Rules that will result in more sincerity and less hypocrisy.More trust, less betrayal.More wholesome relationships, less infidelity and betrayal.The two rules are simple.Firstly, don't exhaust yourself explaining your behaviour to people who don't matter. This not only gives you a false sense [...]

Claim your self-worth

Don't be like those that only serve others when there's something in it for them.That's not goodwill or charity, it's business.Uplifting others should be done because you want them to experience the value that you have in your life.Not because you want them to worship you, or celebrate your praises.Let's bring sincerity and authenticity back [...]

If tomorrow never comes…

So often I hear people speak of tomorrow not being guaranteed, but still packing away that dinner set for just a special occasion.We delay making changes that we know we need to make to improve the quality of our life, or of the lives of those around us, because we think we have time.We look [...]