Ingratitude breeds ingratitude

When we're ungrateful for who we are,When we deny any good in ourselves that others may see,When we ignore our beauty because there may exist some ugly,We protect ourselves from attachment to anything wholesome or beautiful in life.Our need for such protection is a deeply ingrained fear about never being good enough.Not good enough for [...]

Contaminating the self

Self-worth is contaminated when we try to define it by the way we think others perceive us.Whether their perception is correct or not is irrelevant.The fact that their perception has more sway over our self-worth than our perception of ourselves is what determines the difference between a healthy self esteem, and an unhealthy one.Many struggle [...]

Know your place

The value of knowing your place is underrated.So many impose themselves in the hope of acceptance, only to question the sincerity of the company they keep when they eventually earn that acceptance.Sometimes, we only discover our place after having invested in relationships that were never intent on embracing us the way we embraced them.Sometimes, those [...]

Gluttonous distractions

The utopian ideal for many is to find a line of work that feeds our passion for life, while also earning us a comfortable lifestyle.Inevitably, the comfort of the material rewards for such a pursuit, for those of us fortunate enough to discover our passion, slowly distracts us from that unadulterated passion that once drove [...]

The present moment

There is one thing more desolate than hopelessness. It's the absence of expectations.Hope only hurts when we still expect things to turn out differently, or still want it to be more.When we give up hope, and we surrender our expectations, we're left with nothing but the present moment.The past fades as a hallucination often does. [...]

It starts and ends with gratitude

Many struggle with achieving a sense of fulfilment in their lives because they have yet to appreciate, with sincerity, the value that they hold within themselves.We only make ourselves truly available in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, if we believe that who we are will be valued by others.The irony is that gratitude for who [...]