The demon child of ingratitude

Disrespect only ever becomes an option when we disrespect ourselves.

We don’t always disrespect ourselves because life is fluid, demanding different things from us at different times.

In those moments when we are expected to be more than we believe we’re capable of, or when we are corrected for something that we do because we want it without consideration for its consequences on others or ourselves, or when we demand privileges without fulfilling our responsibilities – it is then that we lose our composure and respond in ways that undermine others.

Disrespect is a form of anger and is a tool to achieve something without earning it.

Others may experience it as arrogance or narcissistic behaviour, but at the core of it, it’s an insecurity spawned by ingratitude.

Ingratitude sets in when we focus on everything that we want while diminishing the value of everything that we have.

It’s at the heart of a vicious cycle that begins with the anger or hurt that we feel about an unfortunate or unpleasant life event, which stirs a rage within us that drives us to want to claim our dues from the world rather than earn it.

Ingratitude fixates our gaze on risks and threats to our significance, rather than allowing us to focus on the opportunities that present themselves for us to achieve so much more than what we desire.

Anger is the distraction that justifies disrespect, and disrespect is our perceived tool for justice that distracts us from our ingratitude.

Few are willing to admit to being ungrateful.

The rest are too busy justifying their bad behaviour because of how they were treated badly by others, while growing oblivious to how they become just like, if not worse, than those who treated them badly.

Thus, the vicious cycle of harshness and ingratitude is maintained.

It always starts with you.

Do you respect yourself enough to be grateful for who you are and the life that you have?

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