Do you matter to you?

To be of consequence, or to feel significant, lies at the heart of our inspiration to accomplish anything.When we connect with conviction to the significance of who we are, and what value we add to the lives of others, we achieve a sense of peace and contentment.But, when we doubt this, we set out in [...]

When sincerity is tested

Like the old saying goes, talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words.It's easy to say the right thing, especially when times are good and what we're committing to is convenient.However, when our commitments pull us between what we want for ourselves versus what we committed to doing for someone else, that's when our [...]

Don’t trade your virtues for vices

Don't withhold the beauty of your spirit just because there is no one around to appreciate it.Be who you are, and let others be who they choose to be.The expectation of being treated the way we treat others is what causes much bitterness and anger.It's not worth it.Give without the expectation of receiving. And when [...]