Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 19

That wholesome breakfast challenge from yesterday turned out to be quite a treat. I was also pleasantly surprised that my experimentation in the kitchen is yielding some delicious results as well. My daughter was amazed that I was capable of such a meal and I’m still not sure if I should take that as a compliment…


Anger is a result of failed expectations. When you find yourself losing your temper, consider which expectation you’re allowing to define your self worth. Zaid Ismail

Obliviously Resilient

Anyone claiming to be free of their ego is in fact driven by it.

They miss the point!

I have a tendency to seek the potential in people and then proceed to encourage them towards realising that potential. I do this because I am naïve enough to believe that that is truly the aspiration of all of us. You know? That age old claim that says that we want others to believe in…

I wear masks, and create elaborate façades hoping that no one will see through them, but keep praying that someone will. Cynically Jaded (via cynicallyjade)

When you have a son you worry about 1 penis, when you have a daughter you worry about them all. Raven’s Wings