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  • A diet of fear

    A diet of fear

    This is probably one of the most important things you could ever connect with. So much damage is caused by fear driven decisions. It destroys your spirit leaving you to find comfort in the very source of the fear that is destroying you. If you’ve been raised on a diet of fear and compliance, it […]

  • Don’t let fear win

    Don’t let fear win

    If you’ve been raised on a diet of fear and compliance, it is inevitable that your choices will reflect your fears, and not your dreams Fear destroys hope and replaces it with futility. In the face of futility, we resort to compliance, because compliance provides us with familiarity. Familiarity tethers us to rituals, traditions, and […]

  • Mindfully Distracted

    Mindfully Distracted

    Meditation or prayer is what gives us retrospective pause to realise where on that treadmill of life we find ourselves. Mindfulness is what reduces our need for such deliberate reflection. And sometimes, without realising it, we become distracted in our efforts to be mindful, while allowing moments of excitement, joy, or exasperation to escape us because we are too busy observing the individual components that make up that wholesome experience.