They say home is where the heart is. Given how absent most of us are, would that make us homeless? My heart always tends to yearn for something more than it has. A moment in time, an emotional connection, or a place with a specific ambiance and scent. Whenever I get nostalgic, those are typically the scenes … Continue reading Home

Out of Touch

I sat up in bed this morning, looked at myself in the mirror, and asked myself a simple question. What are you losing sight of? I've been significantly distracted for some time now. The truth is, by most standards, I've been sad most of my life. It's a natural disposition. Always aware of what is … Continue reading Out of Touch

From Virtual to Reality

I launched a new forum at the office this week. It's called the Thought Leadership Forum. I know, it sounds clichéd, and it probably is. But that is the extent of the cliché. I've often felt frustrated at the lack of real life engagement about the many ideas and philosophies that I debate at length … Continue reading From Virtual to Reality

That Nudge

Life creeps up on us when we think we’re being smart and sophisticated by making elaborate plans to achieve things we assume is important. Then suddenly, the most subtle nudge jolts us out of that self-indulgent stupor and we realise that everything we were planning for was actually trivial and pointless. I recently begrudgingly settled … Continue reading That Nudge

What dreams may come…

Being in a somewhat melancholic mood today, it’s easy to slip into a daze about the what-if’s and the if-only’s of life. Disappointment is born when I see beauty denied, and regrets are born when I see beauty taken for granted, by me as well as others. I have healthy doses of both in my … Continue reading What dreams may come…

I Still Hear Her Heartbeat

cynicallyjade: The realism of my dream tonight still haunts me. It wasn’t a bad dream, nor was it a sad one. But the reality that I woke up to is. I heard the gentle ticking of her heartbeat so vividly again. It’s a sound that I haven’t heard in a very long time.  It was … Continue reading I Still Hear Her Heartbeat

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