Failure is not a group sport

When you find reason to sit back and lick the wounds of your ego, remember this.No one will ever be as invested in your success as you are.The sooner you own your life, the sooner you'll be able to enrich the lives of those around you.It's easier to fail collectively, than to fail alone.Setting out [...]

Don’t label your struggle

Mental health is about hope. The more hope we have for experiencing joy tomorrow, the better our mental health today.The human experience is not an illness.The best way to protect your mental health is by recognising your humanness.Don't allow your reality to be labelled as something more than your experience of the ups and downs [...]

Never stop chasing

The thing about chasing dreams, is that it's our dreams.As obvious as that seems, we rarely recognise that no one else will ever have a view of our dreams the way that we have it even if we describe it to them in detail.They will visualise it within the context of their lives and limitations.By [...]

Hopeless dreams

A dream without hope taunts us more than it comforts us.It teases us with its distraction while we indulge in it, but reminds us that we believe we're unworthy of it when we cast our gaze once more towards reality.When we believe in our dream, we'll find the signs and the opportunities to map our [...]

The impossible dream

When home is elusive, the world feels ominous.A journey to a place you've never been holds the promise of peace, despite never having known what peace feels like.It's a cry of the soul, in tones and words that no one seems to understand.But you keep crying, and you keep trying, because something deep inside convinces [...]

Cherished to death

When love is a well kept secret, it becomes torturousWhen love is embraced, it emits a glow that keeps the darkness of the world at bayWhen we withhold our love from fear of it not being enough, we destroy the very object of our affectionThus, self deprecation cherishes beauty in silence, but leaves to whither [...]