Dream killers

Do you find yourself waiting in the shadows, wondering when will it be safe to emerge and take that risk on something that you’ve always dreamt of achieving?

Are you waiting for the perfect moment to ensure that you get it just right?

Or do you find yourself mentioning it to any person that shows an interest in what you’re passionate about, always lighting up with excitement when you talk about it, but also ensuring that you have a good argument as to why you can’t do it just yet?

All the above is most often driven by self-doubt rather than the due diligence needed to ensure that you understand the dynamics to be successful at your passion project.

Due diligence has its place. But only in good measure. Otherwise it ceases to be due diligence and results in analysis-paralysis.

Analysis-paralysis is when we exhaust ourselves in research and understanding to the point of fatigue, so that we accumulate enough information about what may go wrong, while ignoring or downplaying the probabilities of what may go right.

It’s driven by a need for perfection that is a defence mechanism to protect ourselves from appearing incompetent in front of others.

The fear of failure destroys more hope than failure itself.

That’s why it’s important to choose your confidante carefully when wanting a sounding board about a project or venture that you’re passionate about.

Share it with naysayers, and they’ll convince you that your dreams are too big for your social standing.

Share it with visionaries, and they’ll inspire you to overcome the odds while focusing purposefully on the path that you need to navigate to achieve your dreams.

Wanting to run the race means nothing if you don’t get out of the starting blocks.

Decide…do you want to leave a legacy of what-ifs and if-onlys, or do you want to leave a legacy that uplifts and inspires?

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