Peace always starts with you

The next time you find yourself having a disagreement with someone, consider if the way in which you conduct yourself is to demand that they show you due respect or consideration, or are you trying to establish understanding.When we feel taken for granted or invisible in something that is important to us, we're more likely [...]

Are you in an abusive relationship…with you?

It's women's day in South Africa.A public holiday dedicated to recognising the value and contribution of women in society.My hope for this day is that we find the gentleness and nurturing spirit innate in women, and we give it an opportunity to thrive in our own lives, regardless of gender.Don't be your harshest critic. Be [...]

Grow, from unexpected places

If you don't like what someone has to say about you, make sure you're not rejecting it because of who's saying it.The truth about us is often spoken by our enemies, regardless of their motivation to do so.Growth is often experienced at the hands of those we hold in contempt.When you surround yourself with people [...]

Make space for peace

Don't go searching for peace.Get rid of the noise and peace will find its way to you.When you find yourself in darkness, it doesn't help to try to contain the darkness, does it? Instead, we go in search of a means to create l light.Similarly, when you're desiring peace, you need to understand what is [...]

Discover your why

Flipped open the book to a random page and found this.I don't think there is anything that drives us towards anger or happiness more than this single principle.Understanding it within the context of our lives is crucial towards achieving fulfilment in our relationships."We must believe that we matter, that our presence is of consequence to [...]

Misery is the thief of time

Anything that requires a concerted effort is being miserable or demands that we suppress any inclination to find joy or happiness in simple things.Can anyone guess why we would do this? 🤔Joy is what we give up when we hold on to misery.Don't become so distracted by how you were betrayed or abused [...]