Honest Lies

Dishonesty is the worst form of disrespect. It's a show of disrespect to yourself before it says anything about the value you place on others. Far too often we convince ourselves of the need for the lesser of two evils to justify the dishonesty, but in the process we set in motion a sequence of … Continue reading Honest Lies


I've seen myself walking a path through a barren land. In the distance, the very farthest end of the horizon, beautiful clouds gathered, non-threatening and cool in appearance. Rolling over itself casually as if waiting patiently for my arrival. I did not rush to meet it, because my companion was lagging behind. The sun where … Continue reading Reciprocation

The Silent Statement

My thoughts are often as complicated to grasp as my writing is to read. I sometimes read through some of my older posts and wonder how anyone could have gotten the point when I struggle to follow the thought process myself. I used to relate it all much more simplistically in the past. It was … Continue reading The Silent Statement

The virtual reality of life

There is no line between virtuality and reality. Any line that you thought existed was simply a deception of your own mind. Online platforms give us the ability to escape our real lives under the guise of anonymity to the point where we identify ourselves as a url and assume that that is sufficient to … Continue reading The virtual reality of life

A Few Observations About Muslims

In my time in the workplace, including judging from my sister’s experiences as a real estate agent, I can state without a doubt that we have both been done in by more Muslims than any other religious group. The saddest part is that these Muslims, and there’s far too many of them to even recall, … Continue reading A Few Observations About Muslims

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