The arrogance spawned by fear

Fear causes us to fixate on our intentions, while defending the bad behaviour that such fear spawns.

The fear is most often associated with what we think is under threat, or that others won’t understand.

So we begin preempting what they intend towards us, or what threats they present to what we want for ourselves.

When we are driven by fear, we focus on finding all the evidence that validates our fear, and we subsequently ignore all the evidence that proves us wrong.

Because we don’t want to be wrong.

Because being wrong adds to the fear of not achieving our goals.

So we become defensive, aggressive, abrasive, arrogant, rebellious, and more in our efforts to protect what we assume to be under threat.

And in the process, we turn friends into enemies, and supporters into demons.

And when the intensity of the fear passes, or when we achieve our goal at any cost, we expect others to accept our good intentions without accepting accountability for the impact of our fear-driven behaviour on them.

That’s how we diminish the impact of the harm that we cause, when we fixate on our intentions and treat our fear-based assumptions as facts.

And that’s how we become a source of abuse towards others while we are convinced that we were victims of their lack of understanding.

That’s how arrogance is nurtured, and important relationships destroyed.

It always starts with you.

Own Your Life.

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