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  • What is forgiveness about anyway?

    What is forgiveness about anyway?

    If there is one piece of advice that will help you through the worst of times, this is it. Internalise this, connect with it, make it your mantra if you must, but understand that forgiveness on its own, without acceptance, will leave you yearning for retribution or justice. Acceptance is more important than forgiveness, because […]

  • Sensible Emotional Investment

    That’s an oxymoron of note, I guess. Emotions generally take us on a journey of reckless abandon, even if that abandon is just the unrealistic expectations that the emotional highs spawn in us. One of the downsides of living with conviction is that you easily become emotionally invested in almost any objective that you set out […]

  • The One You’re Alone With

    Loneliness is often assumed to be distinctly different from being alone. Too often I hear people professing to be alone, but not lonely. However, as I’ve often heard, you’re never lonely if you like the one you’re alone with. It’s the kind of wisdom that everyone nods enthusiastically in agreement to, but most don’t fully […]

  • Do you ever look at yourself?

    cynicallyjade: Do you ever look at yourself endearingly? At least long enough until you realise that you need to dismiss your thoughts because it sets fire to a desire to want to be consumed, physically and emotionally…but more physically? Ever look at yourself endearingly and wish that someone would see you through your own eyes, […]

  • The Theme of My Life

    The theme of my life has been one of misunderstandings and assumptions about who I am and what I stand for, especially by those closest to me. So it’s little, or in fact no surprise that I am constantly misconstrued in my intentions or efforts to achieve positive outcomes in my engagements with many. I […]

  • In the absence of affirmation or constructive criticism, it’s extremely difficult to maintain my bearings on whether I’m heading in the right direction or not. I’m inclined to believe that despite my best efforts, I simply do not fit in with the Muslim community. This despite the fact that I am a regular musallee and […]

  • If anticipation of death is supposedly worse than death itself, how much more torturous is the anticipation of love or acceptance that is never fulfilled? At least death will be attained, so its anticipation is never a futile exercise. But love?

  • To be insecure about virtues or attributes of the self, we have to maintain some notion, no matter how remote, that we possess some of it to begin with. I don’t have such insecurities any longer. Acceptance has allowed me to know with certainty what insignificance I’ve achieved in my life and I therefore have […]