What is forgiveness about anyway?

If there is one piece of advice that will help you through the worst of times, this is it.

Internalise this, connect with it, make it your mantra if you must, but understand that forgiveness on its own, without acceptance, will leave you yearning for retribution or justice.

Acceptance is more important than forgiveness, because once we’ve accepted the reality of what is, forgiveness loses relevance.

Accepting things becomes easier when we seek to understand rather than to judge why someone may have treated us badly, or betrayed our trust.

Immediately, the focus is about their weakness and not our significance.

When we learn to accept that people’s actions are a reflection of who they are more than it is about what we mean to them, we’ll have less of a need for forgiveness.

Peace is not possible without acceptance, and acceptance completes the act of forgiving.

Don’t only focus on forgiveness, because our need to forgive is driven by a belief that we were the deliberate target of the demons of others.

Understanding their reasons for behaving the way that they did will confirm if forgiveness is warranted, or if understanding is what holds the secret to the peace that we seek.

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2 responses to “What is forgiveness about anyway?”

  1. Accept for what it is !! thank you for this . I definitely will read it over and over to remind myself . I definitely needed this message . THANK you ✨✊🏾

    • I’m so glad to hear that it resonated with you in a positive way. Forgiveness is such a sensitive issue to deal with for so many people. I pray you find peace, and that it’s everlasting when you do.

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