Two rules for life

There are two rules that I wish more people would apply in their lives.

Rules that will result in more sincerity and less hypocrisy.

More trust, less betrayal.

More wholesome relationships, less infidelity and betrayal.

The two rules are simple.

Firstly, don’t exhaust yourself explaining your behaviour to people who don’t matter. This not only gives you a false sense of your significance when they pretend to listen, it also gives them a false sense of significance in your life when they believe that you’re explaiming yourself because they matter to you.

Secondly, when choosing who matters, be sure that you’re doing it based on who really matters to you. They must be consequential to your happiness and sense of belonging in this world. If not, you’ll surround yourself with anyone and everyone that you want must care, because you need to fill the void of human connection in your life.

Sometimes we think that by being polite we’re treating others with respect. However, when that polite attitude leads people to believe that they’re significant when they’re not, it causes more hurt and betrayal when they realise that you were just being polite, rather than sincere.

That’s how being insincere to avoid hurting someone’s feelings causes more hurt than you would’ve caused had you been honest and sincere in the first place. .

Be sincere, always. Even if it means that you will be unpopular for that moment.

That moment of unpopularity could save you and others from a lifetime of disappointment and pain.

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