Take stock, and reconnect

Stepping back and taking stock requires more than just an arrest of the ego.

It requires a desire to return to a point of sincerity and authenticity in our lives when we were filled with hope about the future, after finding ourselves filled with a longing for the past instead.

Arresting the ego becomes easier if we believe that what we stand to gain is more valuable than having to swallow our pride.

But sometimes, pride is all that defines us.

If you find yourself in that space, know that you’ve abandoned your true self in favour of how you wish to be perceived by others.

Sometimes, pride pushes us to follow through on a bad decision because it sucks to give our enemies something to mock us about.

You know what sucks more?

Living a crappy life because you didn’t want to give your enemies a single moment to mock a bad decision.

Own Your Shit. Own Your Life.

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