Opportunistic Abdication

It's no secret that I have contentious views about the human psyche and what makes us behave the way that we do. That there are tons of differing opinions on the subject is also obviously clear, probably the majority of which either conflicts with, or directly contradicts my views. Many of those contradictory views are [...]


I always assumed that the key driver that prevented people from making the changes in their lives that they knew needed to be made was a lack of courage. That lack of courage I always assumed to be the result of fear to embrace the new while giving up the comfort zone or the dysfunction [...]

The Egosystem

Egosystem (n) - A complex set of defenses designed to stave off criticism or intelligent conversation with the aim of retaining our preferred status quo. In the corporate world, often presented as a plausible excuse to resist change and establish empires. It's the same egosystem that causes us to grow defensive in the face of [...]

THAT awkward moment

cynicallyjaded: That truly awkward moment when you look at your dashboard and realise that all the reblogs of profound messages regarding the ephemeral nature of life is all just nice ideas and hardly a soul that reblogs them even realises the true meaning behind them because they’re so busy hating and debating and arguing and [...]

Reminds me of someone I know, especially the paisley. 🙁 imgfavepopular: ★ discovered on imgfave.com (social image bookmarking) (Source: http://imgfave.com/view/1306912)