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  • Fanning our rage

    Fanning our rage

    Fear is driven by need. The moment we give up on the need, the fear subsides. Our need to be significant to those who are significant to us drives most of the fears that may fan our rage at the world. But only for as long as we still have hope that there is a […]

  • Know your worth

    Know your worth

    How many of us spend our lives trying to convince turkeys that they’re eagles, and in the process, sabotage our own growth and happiness? To quote another piece of old school wisdom, birds of a feather flock together. If you don’t know your own nature, you will associate with those who are not aligned with […]

  • Don’t pay it forward

    Don’t pay it forward

    Vengeance is easier than understanding. Bitterness is easier than forgiveness. Mirroring the behaviour of those who treated us badly is easier than rising up to be better than them. Each time we choose the easier path, we become the very monsters and degenerates that created the hurt and pain in our lives. Too often, we […]

  • Two rules for life

    Two rules for life

    There are two rules that I wish more people would apply in their lives. Rules that will result in more sincerity and less hypocrisy. More trust, less betrayal. More wholesome relationships, less infidelity and betrayal. The two rules are simple. Firstly, don’t exhaust yourself explaining your behaviour to people who don’t matter. This not only […]

  • The hypocrisy of self-loathing

    The hypocrisy of self-loathing

    The most toxic plague in the human condition is that of demanding kindness while withholding it. I watch with morbid curiosity the volumes of memes and quotes shared by many in which we are reminded to treat everyone with kindness because we never know what struggles they are enduring. Yet, those same people are waiting […]

  • Ingratitude breeds ingratitude

    Ingratitude breeds ingratitude

    When we’re ungrateful for who we are,When we deny any good in ourselves that others may see,When we ignore our beauty because there may exist some ugly,We protect ourselves from attachment to anything wholesome or beautiful in life. Our need for such protection is a deeply ingrained fear about never being good enough. Not good […]

  • To be…

    To be…

    Much of life is wasted in the time spent considering if we should or shouldn’t do that thing that we’re passionate about. That consideration is most often based on our doubts about what others will think, and rarely because we doubt the value of doing it. Sometimes, we persevere and find the courage within ourselves […]

  • A brain dump

    A brain dump

    Some find solace as the years progress. Some find love. Some find an emptiness where space was once held in hope for a significant other. My contemplations of which applies to me hold no sway any longer. Writing this post creates a delusion of its own. Although it could be interpreted as gratitude or reflection […]