Don’t pay it forward

Vengeance is easier than understanding.

Bitterness is easier than forgiveness.

Mirroring the behaviour of those who treated us badly is easier than rising up to be better than them.

Each time we choose the easier path, we become the very monsters and degenerates that created the hurt and pain in our lives.

Too often, we raise our children with harshness because we are afraid of spoiling them.

Recognise that such fear never inspires moderation or a wholesome approach to life.

If you treat your children the same way that you were treated, understand that you will lose them to the world because they will despise what you stand for and discard any good you tried to teach them.

Your children have more options to choose a different path than you ever did. Give them reason to connect with the value of choosing the path that you believe will be good for them rather than simply demanding compliance with your rules or boundaries.

Parents with unresolved childhood trauma at the hands of their own emotionally inaccessible parents raise emotionally stinted children who need to escape the reality of life rather than embrace its beauty or opportunity.

If you want to break the cycle of abuse, the cycle of generational trauma, the cycle of harshness and detachment, or the cycle of dysfunction, you must first recognise its roots within yourself.

It always starts with you.

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