Allow your children to be their own person

We always have good intentions when we strive to give our children everything that we didn't have.Often, this includes protecting them from the hardships or difficulties that we experienced.Unfortunately, when we do this, we end up protecting them from reality, and in the process, we deny them the very life lessons that taught us to [...]

We’re all searching for home

Remember, at some point someone also looked at you in your childhood and thought, "Damn, is this what the future looks like for humanity?"Our children have the best of us and the worst of us, and somewhere between those ends they form their own unique character.If you hope to understand them, you need to begin [...]

Don’t pay it forward

Vengeance is easier than understanding.Bitterness is easier than forgiveness.Mirroring the behaviour of those who treated us badly is easier than rising up to be better than them.Each time we choose the easier path, we become the very monsters and degenerates that created the hurt and pain in our lives.Too often, we raise our children with [...]